Glidecam XR-4000


Glidecam XR-4000

A hand-held camera stabilizer for cameras weighing 4-10 lbs.

       What’s in the package:

  • Camera Mounting Head (7″ x 4.75″ x 1.125″)
  • Base Platform (12″ by 5.00″)
  • Central Support Post (1″ in diameter)
  • 12 Large Counter-Weight Disks
  • 4 Small Counter-Weight Disks


  • Free-floating handle grip
  • Adjustable camera mounting platform
  • No-tools adjustment

Shot after shot, move after move, the Glidecam XR-Series Stabilizers deliver beautifully smooth and professional results. 


Current Pricing for This Item
Period Rate Rate Type
1 to 3 days $75.00 Per Day
Fri, Sat and Sun $75.00 Flat Rate
4 to 7 days  $262.50  Flat Rate 

Available as camera rental accessory.

Call us for more information. 

Over 7 days call for pricing

Sat, Sun, charged at 1x Daily Rate

Fri, Sat, Sun charged at 2x Daily Rate