What kind of camera movement do you have in mind? CamDolly can make it happen. Smooth, effortless arcs; lingering tracking shots; precise follow shots--the versatile, rugged CamDolly camera dolly does it all.

What's in the package:

  • CamDolly core
  • 4 extension legs
  • 4 inflatable pneumatic wheels
  • 2 small and 2 large skateboard wheel assemblies
  • 3 removable tripod cuffs
  • 2 doorway dolly push, pull and turn adapters
  • 2 height-difference adapters
  • 1 height-adjustable seat assembly
  • 1 T-Bar assembly
  • 2 slider track ends
  • 2 50-foot sections of 1 1/2" rubber track
  • threaded assembly screws
  • degrees vs. diameter chart for dialing in the arcing function of the cam dolly


Table top dolly

Doorway dolly

Rideable-Track dolly

Orbital/arching dolly

Straight/curved/flexible track dolly

Whatever configuration it takes to get the movement you need, the modular CamDolly system can get the job done.


Current Pricing
Period Rate Rate Type
1 to 3 days $100.00 Per day
Fri, Sat, Sun $100.00 Flat rate
4 to 7 days $350.00 Flat rate