Videography Services

Videography Services

AdamCamera provides a range of in-studio shoot and edit video production services. We specialize in producing, or helping our clients produce tightly-focused short-form video products that are the result of a highly-interactive video production process that is very affordable.

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Examples include spokesperson interviews, sizzle reels, audition tapes, pitch videos, training videos, sales seminars, event documentation, student assignments, and similar projects that may be created especially for new media access and distribution.

When we produce in-studio, we provide all of the necessary equipment, including professional-grade cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. The in-studio shoot can be done against our green screen backdrop, our grey backdrop, or an alternative backdrop that you provide. We’ll also sit with you in-studio to edit the final product using Adobe Premier Pro software at our editing station. SEE DESCRIPTION OF OUR AUDITION TAPING SERVICE.

About AdamCamera Videography Services:

Call (617) 325-2400 to discuss affordable videography services for Boston actors, students, companies and marketers.

Audition Taping Service — $50.00.

We will videotape your monologue, self-submission video or musical performance and edit the video while you wait. You walk away with your videotaped performance on an external drive or DVD that you supply. The files can also be transmitted to you via the cloud.

What comes in the $50.00 package (based on approximately 1.5 hours of shooting and editing):

1.) Videotaping of your performance against green screen or grey backdrop, including a reasonable number of re-takes to get the footage you are pleased with.

2.) Addition of introduction and/or end slate title in addition to filming of your own “actor’s slate”.

3.) Burning of video onto DVD or external drive you supply or uploading of final audition video to a secure website.

Here what an actress has to say about our audition-taping services: 

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